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Curated and compèred by Petra Kindler


Seven distinct personalities. Seven wildly divergent ways of looking & laughing at the world.


TRUE STORY: a Southern Bellend, a Constitutional Law Nerd, a Sue Perkins Stunt Double, a Creative Mayhem Maker, a Tramore Contrarian, a Professional Snuggler and a German Blaa walk into a bar… Better get a ticket to their show to hear the end of that joke!




Date :

Saturday, 20th October.




The Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms


70 mins


€10, Pay on Door.


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Petra Kindler

PETRA KINDLER is a German Blaa with the gift of the gab – not her words but a reviewer’s, praising her confessional comedy show, “Seriously Now!”, which she performed 29 times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and many more times around Ireland. Petra comes from a long line of unfunny Germans, and she has no children; so don’t bother adjusting your prejudices and stereotypes – just catch her while you can!

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MJ Stokes

After discovering that Sue Perkins had limited use for a stunt double, MJ STOKES looked back on two decades and change of being laughed at and decided to take control of the narrative. Their influences include Mae Martin, Dylan Moran, and their housemate's dog Joe -- whippet, master of physical comedy and drama queen extraordinaire. 

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Jennifer Kavanagh

“Apparently I’m funny, which is news to me.” Well, it certainly isn’t news to those who follow her on Twitter or catch her in full flight on the airwaves. JENNIFER KAVANAGH (no relation to Brett “Bart” Kavanaugh. What. So. Ever.) is not one to indulge stupid people; and by stupid people she means people that think the rest of us are stupid and can’t see the inherent silliness in stupid politics and silly decisions. Focusing on general world events and politics, whatever has happened in the world that week will be vigorously scrutinised. Dr. Kavanagh is generally known as a serious academic – though that didn’t stop her from naming her vintage BMW “Gunther”.

Witty Women


Mel Lee Smith

MEL LEE-SMITH isn't a comic — she's just (according to her adoring husband) “A Southern Bellend”, which seems to be enough entertainment for her Irish friends. She hopes to charm y'all with her trailer trash vernacular and true stories about life in the American South.

Yvonne O'Reilly Portrait.jpg


Yvonne O’Reilly

  • Trickster, Artist, Mayhem Maker.
  • Tells funny stories about life, the universe and everything.
  • Is looking forward to her Waterford debut.

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Derbhile Graham

DERBHILE GRAHAM is a creative soul who lives by the sea in Tramore, Co. Waterford. She is a published writer and a haver of strong, frequently non-mainstream opinions. Lately, she’s taken to performing her writing to crowds, at events like WORDS and Modwords in Waterford. She blogs at http://lifeslittlethings2017.blog. That’s where, among other delightful rants, you’ll find her contrar… sorry: rule-defying defence of walking on the right side of the Waterford Greenway. (*Editor’s Note: it’s the wrong side, Derbhile. WRONG.)

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Catherine Burgess

CATHERINE BURGESS is a native of Waterford. Catherine was born into a family of French acrobats and spent the early years of her life travelling the highways and byways of Ireland as part of the troupe. Aged just 15 years old Catherine became tired of life on the road and felt that there was something missing in her life. She ran away from home and joined The Sisters of Perpetual Misery. Two weeks before she was due to take her final vows she was asked to leave the order when she was discovered eating a Marathon bar during morning vespers. Dejected she returned to Waterford and became an Avon rep. She was naïve and unaware that she had entered the dark world of beautification. Her life soon spiralled out of control and before she knew what had happened she wouldn’t step out of bed without applying a full face of makeup. An intervention was  organised by her friends and family, and with their support Catherine was able to escape this life. However this move came at a price as it caused rifts within her family as some family members were angry they would lose their family discount. Her next job took her to the outdoors where she became a professional line stander. This career move was short lived as online companies such as Ticketmaster became increasingly popular. Catherine feels that her current job is a perfect fit. She has been working with some of the biggest companies in Ireland as a professional snuggler, a job she feels was made for her.