Battle of the Blaas

In the distant future, the year 3017, war has broken out. In order to claim the origins of the all mighty blaa, clans from around Waterford blaa-ttle it out.

Under the canopy of the Blaa-Apple Market groups of estranged blaa-ttlers will gather. They have dropped their shields and swords and have picked up the flour and eggs for a display unseen before.

The clans need YOUR help to be victorious!

The event will be a family-friendly participatory event. A theatrical reconstruction set in a post-apocalyptic war-zone. Featuring our estranged blaa-ttlers, tonnes of flour, thousands of eggs and YOU.

Booking is essential to be part of this one of a kind event. Costume is highly recommended. The event will lead with a children's only blaa-ttle followed by live entertainment and will culminate with an adult only blaa-ttle. Props kindly sponsored by Fado Productions for the event.

Live entertainment is provided at 2pm by the Dead Goat Beat project.

Dead Goat Beat Project came together to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Spraoi, formed out of the original Spraoi Drummers , we explore the backroads and backyards of rhythm. Our goal is to combine the difference and the similarities between West African and Irish traditional rhythms.

This is the beginning of our journey through the hidden spaces, who knows where we’ll end up.

All participants must wear goggles

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